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A message from Ontario Regional Director


We have had an unbelievable year in Ontario. On behalf of the entire Ontario Regional Council executive and committees, we want to extend our thanks to every single member in this province.

This year, you knocked on thousands of doors in the provincial election, and had many more workplace and community events.

You, Unifor members, organized against the right wing, and for women’s rights and equity.

Together, we faced down union-busting employers in Thunder Bay and Goderich. And we keep up the fight to defend Unifor jobs across the province.

This spirit of activism and renewal was present at the recent Ontario Regional Council, held in Toronto, from November 30-December 1.

We’re happy to share the recap video with you here. Please watch it and share with your friends, to show what our union is all about.

At this council, delegates adopted a Resolution to oppose racial profiling. We voted unanimously to defend GM workers in Oshawa. And we announced an incredible new partnership with Smokey Thomas and OPSEU.

On the first day of ORC, we announced a new province-wide emergency bargaining directive with a rally and media conference. This new plan puts decent work on every single Unifor bargaining table, to bargain back what the Conservatives’ Bill 47 took away. As the provinces’ largest union in the private sector, also representing thousands of public-sector workers, this plan will make a difference. Together we can raise the bar for all workers.

To get involved in the Ford fightback, download the new Toolkit or the Bargaining Plan from the Unifor website.

The year ahead presents a great challenge to us all. We must be organized and mobilized to face off against a conservative government and employers that seek to roll back our rights and quality of life.

We know that you are up to this challenge. What this last year has shown, is that united, Unifor members can win any fight.

You can read about the events of the council, including the elections to the executive and committees here.

Congratulations to all the newly-elected members of our leadership team, and thanks to all who choose to serve in these important roles. Click here to view a full list of the ORC executive and committee members.

In solidarity always,



Naureen Rizvi
Ontario Regional Director
Scott McIlmoyle
Ontario Regional Chairperson

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