Under the UNIFOR Constitution, Local 8300 is required to have ten standing committees, as follows. In order for these committees to function properly, we seek both your input and participation. if after reading, you find a committee you feel you could be active or contribute to, please advise your unit chair. Remember, if you are appointed to a committee and there are expenses incurred, same will be covered by Local 8300.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
– Chairperson: Kathy Welsh & Anita Fife

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This committee ensures that the by-laws are upheld at all times and that they conform to the CAW National Constitution.

Human Rights/Pride
– Chairperson: Richard Pratt

Education Committee
– Chairperson: Brenda Knapp

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This committee reviews the educational needs of the Local and establishes workshops throughout the year, Political action is aimed at helping with campaigns in our areas and Local, to make the community aware of such things as our current health care crisis, including long-term care, privatization and other social injustices such as homelessness and cuts to Ontario child welfare.

Recreation and Community Services Committee
– Chairpersons: Brenda Knapp & Anita Fife

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This committee may set up events for members and/or families in various activities i.e. picnics, BBQs, tennis or baseball. They can also support community events.

Women’s Committee
Chairperson: Ann VanIhinger

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This committee is responsible for all matters concerning women and equal rights issues and encourages all members in our union to play an active role.

Women’s Advocates

Sharon Wright
Extendicare Kingston

Mary Ellen Shennan
Extendicare Medex

Norma Laury
Extendicare Starwood

Wookie Jenkins
Carlingview Manor

Penny Cronkwright
Hallowell House

Amanda Johnson
Shepherds of Good Hope

Lisa Dungey
Helen Henderson Care Centre

National Reps


Kelly-Anne Orr                  Kelly-Anne.Orr@unifor.org

Walter Manning                Walter.Manning@unifor.org

Harry Gadbhan                 Harry.Gadbhan@unifor.org

Kim Power                         Kim.Power@unifor.org

Gary Healey                       gary.healey@unifor.org

Scott Bateman                   scott.bateman@unifor.org