We are the members of the UNIFOR – Canada Local 8300, an organization of members united in the struggle to improve the lives of our members, their families, and the communities, in which they serve.

Our local union was formed by a group of members who recognized it was time to establish our Canadian identity as Trade Unionists. On December 3, 2001 we held our inaugural meeting of UNIFOR 8300. Our Local represents units (workplaces) located in or near Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston and Ottawa. We are committed to building global solidarity and creating communities built on principles of equality, socio-economic justice, moral responsibility and dignity. We are building a Canadian Union.

Our collective bargaining strength is based on our internal organization, through education and organization of members, but is also influenced by the more general climate around us: laws, politics, the economy and social attitudes. Furthermore our lives extend beyond collective bargaining and the workplace and we are committed to concerning ourselves with broader issues such as housing, taxation, education, health care, the environment and the international economy.

Social unionism means unionism which is rooted in the workplace but understands the importance of participating in, and influencing, the general direction of society.